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The Surgical Research Trust welcomes donations and bequests of any amount. The Trust receives no Government funding, relying entirely on its supporters for its funds. Donors can be assured that every dollar donated goes directly to research projects The Surgical Research Trust is a registered charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005 - registration number is CC45696 – and so donations are tax deductible. The Trust issues donors receipts for tax rebate claims.

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Don’t want to pay on line? You can send a cheque made out to the Surgical Research Trust to:

Surgical Research Trust

PO Box 14651



Or contact the Trust secretary Christine Moore at

How donated money is spent

Individual Donations: Many private individuals donate to the Trust each year.  These donations are usually pooled together and used to fund either a summer student to do research over the summer holidays, or to purchase equipment to use on a research project.

Summer Studentships: Each year the Trust funds summer students who are senior medical students who wish to embark on a research project over the summer holidays.  The students are paid a stipend of $5,000 and during the ten weeks that they are working in the department most of them produce a significant piece of research, which results in publication, usually in the New Zealand Medical Journal, and sometimes overseas.

Research Scholarship ($20,000-$30,000): A donation of this size would fund a one-year scholarship for a research worker.  These scholarships would be named after the sponsor or whoever the sponsor nominates. An opportunity exists for larger donations to partially of fully fund one of the Trusts major initiatives.

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