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About the Surgical Research Trust


Professor Horne set up to the Trust initially to support the development of research in the Department of Surgery at the Wellington School of Medicine. Today the Trust also supports research in several surgical departments throughout New Zealand.

The aim of the Surgical Research Trust is to give the talented researchers in New Zealand the opportunity to further medical and surgical knowledge. We do this by funding their chosen research projects. 

The Trust has funded more than 90 research projects since it was established, including research into areas such as paediatrics, orthopaedics, heart disease, cancer, renal disease, diabetes, brain conditions and obesity.

As we are a charitable trust, the Trust relies on funding through sponsors, bequests, donations from members of the public, and support through the medical supply industry. The Trust also relies on other trusts to support particular research activities. Our current main sponsor is Wellington-based buggy manufacturer, phil&teds.

The Trust is immensely proud of the research we have funded over the years as surgical research benefits all members of the New Zealand community and is of tremendous significance to the international surgical community.

 The Trustees hope the level of support for the Surgical Research Trust will continue to grow so that medical practitioners can further develop and advance the medical profession for future generations.

If you would like to find out more about the Trust and its activities, contact us on  

Click here to download the Trust’s latest annual report.

Professor Geoffrey Horne


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